Revision #2 is due

Wednesday, 19 January 2022, 23:59

Specify the command(s) used to do the following (when possible, use a single command allied with filters):

  1. Enable user root.
  2. Display a list of all installed packages whose names start with libx.
  3. Update the package information sources.
  4. Install available upgrades of all packages currently installed.
  5. As a normal, non-root, user display only the total, in MB, disk space used by /var/log without any error messages being shown.
  6. Create the groups FinanceMarketing and Megatech.
  7. Create user bill with primary group Finance and user linus with primary group Marketing. Both are members of the Megatech group. 
  8. Create the directories /files/sharedfull and /files/sharedread. Users bill and linus have full and everyone else (except root) has no access to /files/sharedfull. Users bill and linus can create and delete their own files in /files/sharedread but can only read the other's files. Everyone else (except root) has no access to /files/sharedread.
  9. Execute the following commands:
    ls /bin > dirlist-bin.txt
    ls /usr/bin > dirlist-usr-bin.txt
    ls /sbin > dirlist-sbin.txt
    ls /usr/sbin > dirlist-usr-sbin.txt

    Now find all words that contain 2 to 5 sequential a, b or c characters in the files dirlist-*.txt.
  10. Shut your server down without delay.
Submit your answers in a word document.


Exercice 7 & 8 is due

Friday, 21 January 2022, 00:00

Complete Exercices 7 & 8