RYP - Reverse Youtube Playlist

A quickly created extension to let you watch Youtube playlists backwards.

Download the following ZIP Folder and extract it. Now open chrome://extensions/, enable Developer mode, click Load unpacked and select the RYP_Reverse-Youtube-Playlist folder. You can now use the extension.

Below is the code snippet used to reverse the direction of a playlist. (If you want to, just open the files in a text editor and see the whole code.)

if (ryp) video.onended = function() { // RYP on
	var currVideo = 0; // Get the current video
	for (let i = 0; i < videos.length; i++) if (videos[i].hasAttribute("selected")) { currVideo = i; break; }
	if (--currVideo >= 0) videos[currVideo].getElementsByTagName("a")[0].click(); // Click on previous video
	else { // Go to last video if Playlist Replay is enabled
		currVideo = (parent.children[0].classList.contains("style-default-active")) ? videos.length-1 : 0;
		// Stop the playlist if it ended
		if (currVideo == 0) video.onloadstart = function() { video.pause(); video.onloadstart = function() {}; };
}; else video.onended = function() {}; // RYP off

Chrome (Version 84.0.4147.105) & Youtube (As of 08/2020)

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