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In this project, I am creating and publishing a tutorial on how to create a 140×200cm Palett-Bed with a headboard.

Basic details

Size (Height × Width × Length)ElementNotes
960.5 × 140 × 225.5 cmWhole bedThere is around 140×200cm space for a mattress.
The length is 11mm to long (= 201.1cm).
672.5 × 140 × 244 cmHeadbordThe headboard can be used as a storage space.
288 × 140 × 201.1 cmGround PalettsThe length is 11mm to long, however this can't be seen.


(Electric) SawTo cut the boards where they need to be cut.Some cuts may need to be done by hand because the electric saw cannot reach each spot.
Electric drillTo break of the head of the nails.Start by using a small drill bit and try to hit the nail in the centre.
PliersTo remove the rest of the nails.-
SandpaperRemoving all splinters from the pallets.Be cautious not to get a splinter 🙂.



STL File here



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