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My name is Luka Theisen and I am a student in the school 'BTS IOT - Lycée des Arts et Métiers' 🏫. I'm in my first (of two) year(s) learning Internet of Things 👨‍💻. At the Moment I'm 21 years old and I live in Luxemburg 🇱🇺 in 'Schwéidsbeng'. I obviously love programming, but not as the stereotype information scientist, I often go out with friends.

About the website

I created the website to remember my codes 📚, but also to help other people who want to learn or just search a part of a code to programm something. If you have any more Questions ❓, just send me an E-Mail or send a Message via Facebook.

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Keep in mind that there may be some unfinished projects 🚧 and not every project has a meaningful use 🙂.

Video To Vr

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Video Controls Styling

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The Blacklist

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Qr Code Image To Svg

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Online Spirit Level

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My Guichet

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Kaboom Games

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Html Select Image

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Christmas Game

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Caesar Verschluesselung

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Caesar Cipher Program

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3d Cube

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3d Connect 4

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